Review: Dragon’s Lair II: Time Warp (DSiWare)

Dragon’s Lair was a LaserDisc video game published back in 1983.  The game featured awesome animation by Don Bluth and was a one-of-a-kind arcade game at the time.  The game came out during a generation of sprite graphics, so it really stood out from the entire crowd.  The game was basically more of an interactive movie that tasked you with pressing the correct button quickly enough every few seconds.  This may sound easy, but the game was quite a challenge to beat.  Over the years, Dragon’s Lair has been re-released on numerous platforms with varying degrees of success.  While it will always be a classic in my mind, the numerous releases have started to wear thin.

Time Warp is very similar to the original game, but it’s on a much smaller screen and the events of the game are told in a linear fashion.  There’s a few interesting parts of the story such as trips through the Garden of Eden and Wonderland.  The story isn’t much to write home about though.  This game relies on constant action, which can become a little tedious after a while.  It’s unfortunate, but I don’t think many people will consider this game a classic for various reasons.  The story is slightly interesting, but mostly non-existent.

The best thing about Time Warp is the visuals, but they fall short primarily due to format limitations.  The animations are well-done, but nothing stands out as “great”.  Visual hints in the game are extremely hard to catch, making the game quite difficult in parts.  I would love to have seen this game on the Sony PS3 or Xbox 360 instead of playing it on a portable system.  This type of game will probably never be successful as a portable option.

The game has two modes, but they aren’t much different from one another.  The Director’s Cut option simply changes the ending scene of the game.  There’s no difficulty options in the game, but you can add infinite lives.   Due to visual limitations, the game can be extremely difficult in parts, yet very easy in others.  These problems make it to where your experience with the title doesn’t flow very well.

In The End…

This is a game that simply never had a chance.  Due to system limitations, it would never live up to the original experience.  The graphics are good, but not quite as good as they should be.  There’s simply not enough here for fans of the series and definitely not enough for newcomers.  Avoid this game!

Score: 3/10 (Bad)


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