‘Dead Space 2’ Demo Impressions

Survival horror games have been a favorite of mine since the original days of Resident Evil.  Dead Space hit the scene in 2008 and may be the greatest survival horror game ever released.  I assumed that the game would be extremely hard to top, but from the looks of the DS2 demo, I might have been wrong.

Instead of being stuck on a ship, this time you are at the city of Sprawl.  After exploring the Church of Unitology (not a safe haven btw) and some of Sprawl, it became apparent that Dead Space 2 will have plenty of interesting content for players.

The story features Isaac Clarke, an engineer fresh off his adventures from an abandoned mining ship in Dead Space. Clarke is now at the city of Sprawl attempting to stop a group of mysterious creatures known as “Necromorphs”.  In addition to fighting Necromorphs, it also looks like you might be going up against a human faction as well.

A lot of people are probably wondering what changes were made for Dead Space 2...  From the short (yet good) demo, the primary change seems to be the environment.  It also looks like there will be new weapons.  During the demo, you get a chance to use a new javelin gun that impales enemies easily.  The demo also included a very short zero-gravity sequence that was more impressive than what you found in the original game.  The audio in the demo was just as impressive as the original.  All in all, it looks like they have set up an excellent environment for a survival horror adventure.

All in all, the game feels very familiar to the original, so you’ll be able to pick up right where you left off.  With a new environment, new weapons, new enemies and a more realistic zero-gravity experience, this game should be an instant classic.

I’m looking forward to finding out more about the church and the plot that it is a part of.  Dead Space 2 hits shelves on January 25 and I definitely plan to check it out.


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